Infection Control, Infection Prevention, and Allergies

Ozone Odor Removal ServiceOne of the most valued services we offer is infection prevention and post-infection sanitizing.  Here is an important fact: "Cleaning is Not Sanitizing."  Bacteria rebound in just 20 minutes after most sanitizing efforts, meaning that even a clean facility can be "Ground Zero" for nasty diseases like MRSA, norovirus, Legionnaire's, flu, ringworm, and dozens of health threats. 

Our BioZone System kills the most difficult disease threats in minutes with one quick treatment.  Then, we apply our second treatment that fights the re-introduction of germs for months after application.  No one has this impressive approach, nor our effectiveness.  Better yet, the process is environmentally safe leaving no toxins, chemical residue, or allergy concern.  This EPA registered program is a proven solution for reducing the spread of infection and can save any facility thousands of dollars in cost.

Allergy Safe RoomsAllergy Safe is the result of a clear set of professional protocols.  We cannot treat your allergies, but removing the triggers for allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities will reduce the problems people face from the threats in home, office, or school.

One Allergy Safe treatment can reduce allergic problems for three months.  We remove allergy threats from pollen, mold, dust mites, and other environmental threats.

Odor Removal Service IllinpoisOdors means something is wrong!  Odors often come from bacterial sources, mold, and neglect of some critical task.  Our service will quickly destroy the odor and the source of odor.  We also sanitize and eliminate indoor air pollution.

  • Eliminate Pet Odors and Urine Smells
  • Get Rid of Smoke and Residual Fire Smells
  • Freshen Homes or Apartments Like New
  • Keep Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs Smelling Clean
  • Sanitize and Deodorize Restaurants and Kitchens
  • Sanitize and Remove Odors from Medical, Dental, and Chiropractic Facilities
  • Freshen and Sanitize Gyms, Spas, and Workout Centers
  • Remove Bad Odors Inside Vehicles
  • Freshen Senior or Retirement Homes
  • Odor Elimination for RVs, Campers, and Trailers
  • Relieves Allergy and Asthma Suffering (Dander and Dust Mites)
  • Quickly gets Rid of New Carpet and Remodeling Smells

NOTICE:  This service requires a clean and debris-free facility or vehicle.  We are not a cleaning service or trash removal service.  For optimum results, clear out offending debris, vacuum, and clean any surfaces.  Odor removal is effective as a post-cleaning process.  Schedule a time when the building is vacant, and plan for all pets to be cared for elsewhere.  Although our process is non-toxic, EPA  protocols require that all treated facilities be free of people and pets.