Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold Inspection and TestingMold is more than a bad smell.  It can destroy your home and even make you sick.  Mold puts our mycotoxins along with millions of spores.  As the name implies, mycotoxins can cause several types of health concerns.  This includes allergies, skin rashes, headaches, ear infection, immune system problems, and respiratory problems.  If there is mold in your home, let our certified mold inspectors check it out.  We can test for the type of mold to assure that the problem is properly addressed.

Do not ignore mold in your home or workplace.  It never gets better, but it will surely get worse.  Mold is a serious health hazard.

If treated early, the solution can be simple and affordable.  Mold eats away at the foundation of the home, or it can spread through the walls and ceilings.  

We understand how mold works, and we can evaluate the problem and suggest smart solutions.  It all starts with a professional inspection of the building and a mold lad test to determine the type of mold present.  In many cases, the threat is mild and easily treated.

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