Remove Used Car Odors

Fix Car smells​Do ugly smells haunt your car, RV, boat or van?  They could be in the carpet, the seats, the air ducts, or trunk.  Finding them is the first problem.  Getting rid of them is the biggest issue.  Bad smells have a way of coming back no matter what you do.  Except when you call Central Environmental to do the job.  Our treatment will treat every part of your vehicle and kill whatever is causing the bad smell.  We use a proprietary combination of ozone and BioZone protect surface treatment.  Ozone shocks the problem into a neutral status.

Then we apply BioZone Protectant that acts as an invisible shield that bonds to hard or soft surface that will work for months after application to wipe out germs, smells, and mildew.  And, we gaurantee our work.  Most treatments can be done in just an hour, and you will drive away with a fresh car that isn't now further polluted with toxic chemicals.

Our service is also available to:

Auto Repair Shops Car Deatiling Services User Car Lots Families
Police Cars Taxis and Limos Bus Companies Boat Owners
Airplanes Truckers Campers Rvs

We are pleased to quote our professional services for fleets or trucks or cars.  In many cases, we set up a rotating cycle that will treat all vehicles at least once a year.  

Call R5-AL Environmental  at  (205) 907-3419

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